Are you looking for a faith community? The Church of the Holy Spirit is a warm, open, progressive church that would love to welcome you into our life of worship, spirituality, and service. As of 2018, our partnership with St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Ashland continues to grow.


Membership in Episcopal parishes starts with simply showing up. Come and see!


The Episcopal tradition honors intellectual inquiry, artistic expression, individual questioning, and the idea of "incarnationality" - that all of creation is of God and honors God, and that all of human life is potentially sacred. Our worship services resemble those of the Roman Catholic and Lutheran traditions. The Episcopal Church has ordained women to the priesthood since 1974, permits clergy to marry, and is welcoming of LGBTQ people and relationships. The members of Holy Spirit and St. Marks are involved in a multitude of outreach and service ministries in the community and beyond.



Weekend Services



We gather twice on Sunday morning for Eucharist.


At 8 a.m. Sundays there is a quieter service held at Griswold Hall, 263 Highland St. in Plymouth.


At 9:30 a.m. Sundays, we celebrate Holy Communion with music at St Mark's Church, 18 Highland St. in Ashland. (Children are invited to Sunday School during the first part of the service, returning for Communion.) Coffee and conversation follow the 9:30 service, in Sherrill Hall. 







Family Worship

Families of all sorts and all ages are always welcome in Sunday services. 




Midweek Worship 


Thursdays at 11 am, Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayer, at St. Mark’s, Ashland.                   




Please contact Rev. Kelly to express your interest in Midweek Worship.... especially if you'd be interested in additional offerings beyond Sunday mornings.




Worship God. Grow in Faith.