Wedding Policy


In general, at least five months’ lead time will be necessary in order to complete the necessary preliminaries before the wedding, include the PREPARE-ENRICH premarital counseling course.  Please contact the church office (536-1321) as soon as possible once you know your preferred dates.


In the Episcopal Church, marriage is understood to take place within the worshiping community.  Couples hoping to be married at CHS should be active members of this or another Christian congregation.  The couple will complete and sign the affirmation of their belief in Christian marriage.  The ceremony is a public worship service of the church, and is open to any church members who choose to attend.


The Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire recognizes no distinction between same-sex and opposite-sex couples who seek the Church’s blessing on their marriages.  All couples are encouraged to consider being married in a civil ceremony followed by a church blessing, to make clear the distinction between the legal contract and the spiritual covenant.


If either partner has a former spouse still living, the bishop’s permission will need to be sought for the marriage.  This request must be made at least 30 days before the wedding date.




Officiant’s honorarium*:  at the couple’s discretion; suggested range, $100-200

Organist’s fee:  $125

Cleaning of the church after the ceremony:  $22

Premarital inventory and processing:  $35

Total:  $300-400


 *The honorarium will be deposited in the Rector’s Discretionary Fund, for the benefit of the needy and other charitable purposes.