January 2018


Thursday, January 25, 2018


Message from Kelly+


I invite you, therefore, in the name of the Church, to the observance of a holy Lent, by self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God's holy Word. Those are the words we will hear very soon, during the Ash Wednesday Liturgy. They launch us into the season of the church year whose purpose is to prepare us to encounter “the days of our Lord's passion and resurrection.” Lent readies us to truly hear both the account of Jesus’s suffering unto death, and the Easter Gospel; that the Christian story does not end in the tomb. Elsewhere in this e-letter you’ll find a schedule that offers chances for prayer, study, and worship every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Lent. Take that schedule as an invitation to pray, to focus, to study…to prepare yourself for the Good News of resurrection when we proclaim it on Easter.


This Sunday, the Church of the Holy Spirit holds its annual meeting. As of the moment I write (It’s very late on Wednesday evening, and I’ve just returned to Hanover from the opening night performance of Hairspray, which was wonderful!), CHS does not have a full slate of officers in place for the election due to happen in just a few days. I won’t minimize the seriousness of this situation…nor will I minimize the hope I hold that there are enough resources—of skill, dedication, vision, and faith, as well as resources of time, energy, and money—for what our Presiding Bishop often calls “the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement” to thrive on both sides of the Pemi. None of us knows, now, exactly what that future will hold. We may find ourselves nearly as surprised as the disciples did that first Easter morning.


In faith,




Thursday, January 18, 2018


Message from Kelly+


If it's late January, and it's the Episcopal Church, then: It's annual meeting time. St. Mark's meeting will take place this Sunday, Jan. 21, directly following the 9:30 service, in the sanctuary in Ashland. All worshippers are invited to stay for a very brief session, with any needed votes being made by active St. Mark members only. Topics include accepting 2017 annual reports, electing a slate of 2018 officers for St. Mark's, and remembering those of the parish who have passed into eternal life in the past year. Budget acceptance will take place at a later date. We'll all then adjourn for coffee and fellowship in Sherrill Hall.


The Church of the Holy Spirit's annual meeting is set for Sunday, Jan 28, at Griswold Hall, beginning promptly at 11:30. The same matters will be addressed: annual reports, elections, and an In Memoriam. As with St. Mark's, budget acceptance will take place at a later date. The slate of leaders for 2018 is in transition, as Senior Warden Christina Mason and Treasurer Bob Cochran each resigned on January 16, effective immediately. We are all deeply grateful for their service to this faith community; please share your appreciation of their work as you are able and know that their decisions to step down were personal, thoughtful, and discerning. Your leaders, including myself, are proceeding diligently to nominate a complete leadership team to take CHS forward in 2018, in prayerful partnership with the people of St. Mark's. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.


In Christ's Peace,




Thursday, January 11, 2018


Message from Kelly+


Dear Beloved People of God,


That's the “fits on a postcard” version of last week's sermon. Celebrating the Baptism of Our Lord gave us the chance to recall that our true identity comes from our baptism: Each one of us is God's

beloved child.


It also allowed a quick sidebar on “What to call the new Rector?” Here's some of what I said:


Imagine you’re introducing me to a friend, neighbor, or colleague (and I hope you will!): “This is Rev Kelly, my priest and pastor.” Imagine this as an analogue: “This is Dr. Whatsit, my cardiologist.” If you’re wanting to catch my attention, or to start a conversation?  Just “Rev,” or “Rev Kelly” is fine. If it feels right to you to call a priest “Father”? Then call me “Mother.” I’ll answer to that… and to “Pastor” as well. If you use my surname, please use the whole thing. But I’d almost always prefer “Kelly” after any of those titles, exactly because that baptismal, “Christian” name is for me a reminder that when we follow Jesus (even those of us who end up bishop, priest, deacon) we anchor our identity in our baptism -- and we all share equally in that identity as “beloved child of God.”


As we begin our journey together, remember this: We are God’s own beloved people. Everything we will do together begins there.


Blessings, Kelly+



Thursday, January 4, 2018


Message from Kelly+


A Hello from Rev. Kelly


As I write this, I've officially been your priest and pastor for all of three days, but you all have been in my prayers much longer than that. I'm eager to start getting to know you all, and to work alongside you as we worship God and live out our faith together.


I hope that by early February I'll be settled into the area and have a set schedule of times and places where you'll be able to find me. (I do expect to keep Mondays as a day off / Sabbath.)  In the meantime, while I continue to commute from Hanover, please don't hesitate to

connect with me by email (kelly.sundberg.seaman@gmail.com) with questions or comments or to make an appointment to meet. And do expect to hear from me!